The New England Journal of Relational and Systemic Practice (NEJRSP)

The New England Journal of Relational and Systemic Practice (NEJRSP) is a regional journal that disseminates pertinent relational and systemic information, giving mental health professionals the knowledge and expertise to enhance their practice.

Articles accepted for publication should connect systemic, social construction, postmodern, and/or queer theoretical principles and applications of theory with relevance to the practice of relational/systemic therapy, family advocacy, social justice, and/or public health. Articles are representative of the work of practitioners in New England, and we highly encourage student papers. Articles should present innovations for practice and new developments, and also provide practical information that trains current and future practitioners. Articles can include case studies, community intervention, and exploration of contemporary issues, as well as traditional research papers. 

Style Guide
All submissions should be written following the standard style guideline of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th edition. Articles should be no more than 3500 words or 15 pages, and be written in Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced, with a reference page. Articles must include an abstract of no more than 300 words, written on a separate page, that summarize and provide the purpose for the Article.

Articles submitted should be written with non-racist, non-sectarian, and non-sexist rhetoric, except by way of fair illustration.

Submission Process
Articles can be submitted online. Your article should include a title page, complete with the name(s), contributing author(s), and affiliations. For each author, please include a fifty-word biography, a high-res image (a JPG or PDF file that can be uploaded separately on the site), and email addresses by which the editorial team can correspond with you. Please include email addresses as a footnote on the title page.

The second page of your submission should be the 300-word abstract. Please also include the word count of the document and three to five key words as a footnote on this page. The keywords should capture the primary topics of your article.

Articles must be submitted in American English and written in formal language, which excludes contractions, slang, and abbreviations, except in cases of direct quotation. All endnotes should be referenced by number and gathered at the end of the article.

We highly encourage the inclusion of images, tables, and charts with the submission of articles. Please ensure that the images are high-resolution, and are either JPG or PNG files.

The NEJRSP encourages article submission from all members of the family therapy, family policy, and mental health community. Please ensure, prior to submission, that the article is assessed for appropriate use of grammar, spelling, and bias-free language.

Editorial Process
Following submission of your article, the editorial team will review your abstract and content of your paper to ensure that the article meets the scope of the journal. Should the article be accepted to be reviewed, a member of the editorial team will collaborate with the author to make initial improvements to the article; recommendations include literary style, connection to the scope of the journal, punctuation, coherence, standard usage of terms, and bias-free language. It is the responsibility of the author to do as much of this work as possible prior to submission. Authors will also be invited to present their material as a continuing education presentation through the New England Association for Family and Systemic Therapy (NEAFAST).

Representation of Research Participants
Please ensure that you are not including confidential or trade-sensitive information in your submissions. When describing socio-cultural identities of persons and families in an article, authors are asked to seek consent and advice from said persons and families about appropriate language so that they are represented in a manner that is compatible with their preferences and values.

Submitted articles are considered original work, and need not to have been submitted to another publication prior to submission with the NEJRSP. The editorial team will be ensuring that no form of submitted articles are plagiarized, as plagiarism will result in the discontinuation of the ability to submit articles.

As such, once accepted for publication, an article cannot be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written consent of the Editor, except for the use of brief quotations used strictly for the purpose of self-promotion.

Featured image by Brad Neathery, from Unsplash