What are family and systemic therapy?

Family and systemic therapy recognize that everything in our lives is connected.

Our problems are not a result of individual, moral failing; rather, they develop in response to the complexities of our lives--our relationships with families and friends, the impact of societal expectations, the challenges of growth and aging. We are products of systems, systems as small as our family and as large as the expectations placed on us according to our gender, race, and orientation. All systems have rules for operating, and all systems seek to survive with as minimal stress and change as possible. Conflict arises as our needs change--as we grow older, as we have new experiences, as we mature.

While some mental health issues can be solved with medication or basic individual coping skills, our therapists address mental health by improving relationships--with your partner, your children, your parents, and yourself. Family and systemic therapy provide a deeper opportunity for challenging our anxieties: relationships with people who we love, depend on, and enrich our lives. Systemic therapy seeks to change the patterns of interactions of your relationships, so that you and others in your system have new, more effective way of making decisions and solving problems.

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Who are Our Members?

Members are not only licensed marriage and family therapists, but a wide variety of mental health professionals dedicated to providing family and relational health through the lens of systems theory. Our members are students in family therapy, 40-year professionals, and everyone in between.

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Interested in Providing Continuing Education?

While NEAFAST oversees the continuing education requirements for licensed marriage and family therapists in Massachusetts, therapists of all licenses practice couples, family, and systemic therapy. By applying for CEs for LMFTs, we can advertise your event to the brightest, most effective couples and family therapists in the state.

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