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Rachel Sachs Riverwood
Rachel’s diverse background and experiences bring unique perspectives and techniques to her integrative therapeutic work. After starting her career as a therapist and supervisor, she spent 15 years as a consultant, executive coach, and executive in healthcare and organizational development helping individuals and organizations develop and meet strategic goals, improve communication and build and maintain healthy organizations before finding herself called back to therapeutically help in healing hearts, minds, and relationships. 

 Rachel is passionate about helping couples, individuals, and supervisees mend and build bridges between their logical, physical, spiritual, and emotional selves and each other. As a systemic therapist, she helps clients explore contextual issues while also believing the expression and acceptance of deep emotions, desires, and needs--our own and our partner’s-- is critical for living to our fullest potential. She partners with her clients to find their most authentic selves, and--building on their personal strengths and expertise--facilitates more genuine emotional and physical intimacy through the safe exploration of all that scares (inspires, angers, excites) them in themselves and in each other. She does this using an exploratory and experiential approach, discussing and conducting exercises to feel, explore and negotiate wants, needs, defenses, developmental stages, and patterns. Her experiential work is also informed by Emotionally Focused Therapy, Jungian Psychology, and Systemic Psychodynamic Therapy.

 Rachel has a masters degree in counseling psychology and is about to embark on her dissertation. As a doctoral student in the Marriage & Family Therapy Program at Antioch New England, she studies and conducts research, practices therapy with individuals, families and couples, and teaches and supervises masters students in systemic therapy. Rachel also studies Shamanic Healing and Reiki and finds inspiration in nature and creating music and art.

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