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Developing Your Inner Wise Advocate: The Neuroscience of Strategic Leadership
Monday, June 22, 2020, 8:00 AM to Friday, June 26, 2020, 5:00 PM EDT
Category: CE Events: Adult Individuals

Have you ever had to make a difficult decision? The stakes are high, the best answer isn’t obvious, and whatever you do, you’re taking a great risk. In this hands-on course, you will use these challenges as an opportunity to develop your capabilities: to help you become a more strategic leader. You will strengthen the aspects of your mind and brain that lead you to move toward long-term, powerful goals instead of short-term transactional goals. If you work with leaders and aspiring leaders, this course will give you concepts and practitioners’ tools to help others move in that direction. When you make any major choice, your mind gravitates toward one of two patterns of activity: Low Ground, focused on pleasing people, making deals, and solving problems; or High Ground, figuring out the best course of action for the situation as a whole. Both Low Ground and High Ground are associated with particular neural networks – for example, High Ground links the brain’s executive center (the lateral prefrontal cortex) with its deliberative self-referencing center (the dorsal medial prefrontal cortex). With the ongoing practice of executive function (learning to manage complexity and impulses), mentalizing (thinking about what others are thinking), and applied mindfulness (becoming more aware of your thoughts), you cultivate your internal voice of strategic leadership. You also begin to speak with that voice in the organizations and communities around you. Leaders have cultivated this voice from ancient Greece to Jiminy Cricket; Adam Smith described it as the “Impartial Spectator” in The Theory of Moral Sentiments; and the practices in this course will enable you to call on it, connect with it in your mind, and put the resulting insights to practical use.

Hosted by Cape Cod Institute, Cape Cod Learning Network, LLC in Eastham, MA for 15 CEs. For more info, visit: www.cape.org/register.