Donate to NEAFAST

NEAFAST is a 501c6 nonprofit organization, dedicated to advancing the education and practice of family and systemic therapy. Our organization depends on financial contributions, which can be made through membership or donations.

As a 501c6, donations cannot be tax deductible; we have to collaborate with a 501c3 in what's known as a fiscal partnership.

NEAFAST is proud to partner with BRIDGES Associates INC, a 501c3 private, not-for-profit organization in Cape Cod. BRIDGES helps children and adults take charge of their lives through professional services, community-based support groups based on the TAKE CHARGE!® Resiliency Coaching Model, and education programs. As such, you will notice that when you click on the below link, the donation page says "Donate to Bridges Associates", which maintains the appropriate language for receiving donations as a 501c6 through a fiscal partner.

We deeply appreciate your support! For more information, please email Jeremiah Gibson, Executive Director of NEAFAST, at [email protected]