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Masters Series in Couple Therapy: Seven More Approaches to Interviewing
Thursday, November 02, 2023, 8:00 AM to Friday, May 03, 2024, 5:00 PM EDT
Category: Consortium Events

The ninth year (2022-2023) year of this course will provide participants with the opportunity to learn from lecture, observation, and dialogue with seven senior couple therapists about the complex task of doing couple therapy well. Couple therapy is energizing, challenging, and rewarding work. Whether you are a veteran of the work or just starting to work with couples, this course will enhance your skills, thinking and practice through the unusual opportunity to see expert couple therapists interview couples in different contexts, with different foci. The learning will also support individual work with people who bring in relational dilemmas.Invited guest faculty will present critical ideas that are foundational to their approach, do alive interview with a role play couple, and answer questions from participants. Course members will be encouraged to note opportunities for learning and questions that arise as they watch the moment to moment unfolding of the role play interviews. After the demonstration interview there will be a discussion, facilitated by Carol Becker, PhD, focusing on questions and reflections related to the couple therapy demonstration. Participants will learn by seeing and reflecting on the similarities and differences in the approaches presented which will enrich their own approach to couple work. Some class members will have the opportunity to learn experientially from playing the role of a member of a demonstration couple. The evening will include be an opportunity for participants to discuss skills learned in small groups.The topics of this year’s series include: description of the use of the vulnerability cycle; working with intergenerational wounds; assisting high conflict couples with parenting issues; working with couples in gender transition; helping couples navigate illness; supporting couples in creating blended families; assisting couples when one or more member hasADHD.

Hosted by Therapy Training Boston online for 18 CEs. For more info, visit the event webpage.