2024 NEAFAST Sexuality Symposium
Cultivating Clinician Competency in Gender Affirming Care:
Combating Anti-Trans Systems
with Guest Speaker Lucie Fielding

June 7, 2024, 8:30am-4:30pm ET
Live on Zoom | 
6 CEs

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Whether your work is individual, relational or family centered, all clinicians need to establish a level of competency in working with gender non-conforming/trans populations and have an understanding of the unique issues facing these populations. This conference will create a space for those who work directly or indirectly with the folx of all genders to ask curious questions in a non-judgmental environment that supports clinicians at all levels of experience. We will explore together how to engage in larger political and social systems, address the politicism of this work while acknowledging our in-office limitations, and identify ways in which what is legal is not always ethical. 

  • Workshop Request for Proposals (RFP) Accepted: Starting October 16, 2023
  • Deadline for Submissions: February 16, 2024
  • Registration for Symposium Begins: March 4, 2024
Conference Background


As more states and communities pass legislation that threatens the safety and livelihood of trans and gender non-conforming folks, mental health practitioners have a responsibility to rally together to enhance therapeutic skills and advocate for the needs of these individuals, and the family systems and relationships that support them. The New England Association for Family and Systemic Therapy (NEAFAST) is partnering with other organizations to host a one-day event that focuses on providing high-quality individual, relational, and family therapy with trans and gender non-conforming populations. 

Conference Audience:
  • New and seasoned master’s level and licensed mental health professionals working in community-based settings and private practice.
  • Mental Health Professionals seeking to increase awareness of their services and current areas of research.
  • Clinical supervisors, agency management, and agency staff seeking to increase systemic thinking within their practice.
  • Students preparing to enter into the profession of mental health and social services.
  • Bachelor’s level direct care clinicians seeking to increase understanding of systemic care and improve service delivery.

General Workshop Information: 
NEAFAST is seeking proposals for nine workshops to address an audience of mental health professionals seeking increased knowledge in the area of trans-affirming mental health care.

Workshops must be designed to support clinician education in systemic thinking, promote clinical growth and address movement towards direct action or advocacy.

As a reflection of our commitment to supporting our community, we are asking our presenters to gift us their time and expertise, enabling us to donate all proceeds to a trans-focused non-profit organization

Criteria for Evaluation:
  • Must be delivered in a 90 minute window
  • Have clear connection to the goal of enhancing individual, relational, family, and/or systemic therapy
  • Are relevant to the practice of ethical, intersectional therapy
  • Introduces ideas and concepts which will enhance competence in clinical practice.
  • Must be delivered in a virtual format.
  • Must contain practical and actionable tools and techniques.
  • Are supported by research and/or have evidence-based foundations.
  • Workshops will be 90 minutes long
  • Workshops will be held on June 7, 2024 9:00-10:30 am; 1:30-3:00 pm
  • Presenters will participate in a closing panel discussion from 3:15-4:30 pm.
  • You will need a device with access to the internet (laptop, desktop, iPad, etc), webcam, Zoom, and audio through your computer or a phone to be able to present to the attendees.

Workshop Categories:
NEAFAST is looking for workshops to target categories which address clinician needs of the trans/gender non-conforming communities.These workshops will provide clinicians with education to improve systemic awareness within therapy, and increase collaboration between licensed professionals within the mental health field. To directly address these needs, NEAFAST is looking for proposals within the areas below.

Track Areas, with Example Content, Not Limited To:

1) Individual Therapy

  • Gender exploration with a client
  • Assessing and addressing dysphoria
  • Letter Writing for your Clients

2) Relational Therapy

  • Partner therapy with trans and gender expansive clients
  • Supporting a partner’s gender exploration/transition in couples work
  • Dating as a trans/gender expansive person

3) Family Therapy

  • Working with gender expansive children
  • Family therapy with a parent's gender exploration/transition
  • Addressing conspiracies and misinformation with families

Skill Level: Please identify the intended audience level between Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

Course Schedule:

8:30-9:15: Introduction
9:15-10:45: 90-minute presentation:
10:45-11:00: Break
11:00-12:30: Lucie Fielding: 
12:30–1:30: Lunch
1:30-3:00: 90 minute presentation:
3:00-3:15: Break
3:15-4:30: Wrap-up: How do we support each other as clinicians working in this environment? What does direct action look like?

Questions & Additional Information

NEAFAST thanks you very much for your interest! Please contact Miranda Hughes at [email protected] for more information.

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