NEAFAST Annual Conference
Contemporary Family Therapy Across the Life Cycle

October 20, 2023, 8:30am-4:30pm ET
Live at William James College | 
6 CEs



The 2023 New England Association for Family and Systemic Therapy (NEAFAST) Annual Conference, Contemporary Family Therapy Across the Life Cycle, is designed to explore challenges that families are facing in 2023, and discuss strategies and interventions for clinicians to help families navigate these difficulties.

General Workshop Information

Contemporary Family Therapy Across the Life Cycle explores the challenges facing families across four stages of the life cycle: coupling, young children, adolescents and launching, and aging. 

NEAFAST is seeking proposals for eight to twelve workshops to address our audience of mental health professionals. Workshops should be designed to support systemic thinking in therapy, address clinician needs, and include elements which can be implemented in practice upon conference completion. 

We are inviting workshop proposals that fit within one of the following four developmental stages. Presentations will be Ted Talk style, with 20 minutes of lecture followed by discussion questions.

Presenters are entitled to free registration and 6 CEs. 

We've included some ideas for your consideration, but please suggest your own:

1) New Relationships and Coupling

  • COVID and the impact on coupling
  • Dating apps
  • Consensual non-monogamy
  • Trust and boundaries with social media
  • Marriage in the 21st century

2) Birthing and Young Children

  • Postpartum care and families
  • Infertility
  • Unexpected pregnancy
  • Neurodiversity and the impact on the family
  • Navigating work-from-home

3) Latency, Adolescents, and/or Launching

  • The impact of COVID on children and teenagers
  • Gender identity and the impact on families and teens
  • Social media usage and the impact of social development
  • Suicidality and the impact on the family system
  • Substance use in teens and families

4) Aging

  • The demographics of aging
  • Sexuality and aging
  • Dying with dignity
  • Parenting our parents
  • Aging and the queer community 

For more information, or to submit a proposal, please click on the links below, or email Jeremiah Gibson at [email protected].

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